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Conrad Tokyo

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

What blowing 190,000 Hilton Honors points looks like in Tokyo. The Conrad Tokyo, a 5-star property that did not miss a beat during my 2 night stay. Was it worth the 190k points? Take a look and you decide.

This starts not exactly where you might think. I got to Tokyo and had a reservation at...wait for it... a highly rated hostel (yes, that does exist) for my 4 night stay. When I landed after flying from Chicago to Denver and Denver to Tokyo, I felt not only that I needed a nice shower, but that a good nights rest was in order. I knew getting both of those would be difficult at my hostel as my room was to be shared with 5 others. Without going down the path of why I chose a hostel, know that when you are a solo traveler it is a great way to meet other fellow travelers on the road. In this case however, I did what had to be done and knowing I had some Hilton points laying around decided to pull up the Hilton app and see what was available. The Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku was available for 60k points a night so I decided to book for 1 night before heading to the hostel the following day.

“The Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku was available for 60k points a night so I decided to book for 1 night before heading to the hostel the following day.”

If you are wondering why I said Hilton Tokyo and not Conrad, no need to fear, we're getting to that part. I woke up feeling refreshed after a night at the Hilton Tokyo and decided to Uber over to my hostel where I would begin my day of exploring. When arriving to the hostel I was taken to my room where a few people were still sleeping and the space to move around was very minimal. After a full day of running around I came back to a warm room with not much space to move around and slept terrible. Long story short, I spent one night at the hostel, woke up and made the decision to again pull up the Hilton app to find the Conrad Tokyo available for 95,000 points a night.

Checking In

I left the hostel and hopped in an Uber around 7:30am. Knowing full well my room was not going to be ready, I was planning on leaving my bag and making the most of the day. I arrived at the Conrad Tokyo where I found it awkwardly placed. It almost seemed like the massive structure was hidden around roads and train tracks. There seemed to be no "main path" to the entrance of the property. That being said, the hotel is located in walking distance of the Ginza district which is a big shopping area in Tokyo, mainly high-end shopping. It is also next to Shiodome Station and Shimbashi Station (if you were taking the Shinkansen, aka bullet train). Like most areas in Tokyo, different districts are easily accessible via the fantastic public metro system.

Where was I....oh yes. As I pulled up in my Uber I was immediately greeted by the doorman who made me feel as though they were awaiting my arrival. He took my bags as we walked thought the doors into the first floor lobby which seemed to be more of a waiting area for those getting picked up. He led me to the elevator where he said someone would be waiting for me on the 27th floor to check me in at the "Main Lobby". A quick elevator ride up the doors opened with someone waiting at the elevator for me. They walked me to the front desk where I was again greeted. One of the few hotels I've stayed at where I truly felt like I was being treated like a VIP. I was told, not to my surprise; that my room was not ready (because it was 8:15am) but that I could use the SPA to shower and freshen up. This made my day! I gladly accepted and took what felt like the best shower of my life after sleeping terribly at the hostel. Feeling refreshed, I decided to head out for a bit in the Ginza area.

27th Floor Main Lobby, Conrad Tokyo

After spending half of my day in the Ginza district which is walking distance from the Conrad, I decided to come back real quick, check in, and grab some things from my bag. My room was ready and just like the amazing service, the room did not disappoint. Having seen the Hilton Tokyo just 1 night earlier, this was a big time upgrade. It also cost quite a few more points (eeek! 95k points!), but in my opinion, was absolutely worth it. The room I had was a Twin Room Bay View that overlooked the Hamarikyu Gardens (former Imperial Gardens that are now open to the public).

Hamarikyu Gardens View

Twin Room Bay View, Conrad Tokyo

Twin Room Bay View, Conrad Tokyo


The room had a great view and I appreciated the modern feel. The glass separation from the bedroom to the bathroom is a chick look that also makes the room look larger. The bathroom was stocked with Aromatherapy London toiletries as most Conrad's area. The tub in the middle of the bathroom was a nice touch, but did not have the opportunity to use it. There were double sinks which is always appreciated and a nice walk in shower.

Restaurant (Cerise)

As if I wasn't already loving the Conrad here in Tokyo, I woke up to grab some breakfast before heading out. Being a Hilton Diamond member, (due to do my American Express Hilton Aspire card) breakfast is free at all hotels under the Hilton umbrella, including the Conrad. The breakfast fantastic with a great spread in a modern and quiet environment.

Cerise Restaurant, Conrad Tokyo

Bottom Line

While I was only here for 2 days, I wish I had the opportunity to stay longer. The service was better than I had expected, the room was clean, modern, had a view, and bed was very comfortable! Oh and the blackout shades definitely help after a long flight from the United States while trying to fight the time difference. While 95k points a night is a heavy lump, you may be opt to pay the somewhere around $350 USD a night (give or take depending on time of year). What I can say, is you will not be disappointed. I would stay here again in a heartbeat.


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