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Speedcations - Are They For You?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019


Speedcation [speed-cay-shun] - the act of cramming in as many activities as much as humanly possible during the typically short period of your vacation. Let me pre-face this by stating I am 32 years old. While to some, that is young, but to me, I am old and brittle and not as swift as I used to be 10 years ago. My bed time is typically 10PM and I can barely handle a backpack and carry-on, let alone a rapid speed walk across foreign lands. This topic captures my interest because John and I recently went on a speedcation. We saw 3 countries and 5 cities all within 5 days. That's 2 planes, 10 trains, a few cabs and a lot of fast moving feet.


It's exhilarating being on the constant-go, having no recollection of time and if it even exists on a speedcation. You get to see a lot and experience a heck of a lot more than being solitary in one location. You get to feel young, wild and free, except my body did not feel young this past trip. However, you do truly get the best bang for your buck because for most - time is a tough thing to acquire, especially if you work a normal day job.


Well, there's no break and certainly no sleep. If you're making the most of it, that means you're staying out late and waking up early to catch the free breakfast at the hotel. Or, that sunset pic you've always wanted. They say "sleep when you're dead". Well, you might feel dead going 100mph on a speedcation.

Ultimately, you want to consider why you're going in the first place. If your trip is primarily an opportunity to escape reality, with no schedule or time constraints, this might be for you. You'll get to experience a lot more with little time. If you're like me, you go to places to experience the culture, the atmosphere and the "vibes" - you won't get real, valuable experiences from speeding through towns. You won't enjoy waking up early for that awesome sunrise because you literally went to sleep 2 hours ago from that super awesome club you went to. Oh, and if you're going to take a speedcation - travel light because you need to move at light-speed if you want to see it all.

May the Travel-Gods be on your side.

In good health,


(below taken during a speed-cation, fighting against time because that lighting had to be right. got the shot, and was onto the next)


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