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Stroopwafel Returns To United In 2019!

A perfect example of when it's not broke, don't fix it. The people spoke and United listened.

What a time to be alive and what a way to go into the new year! Earlier this year United abruptly discontinued serving passengers a favorite snack of the sky, the Stroopwafel. The Dutch treat that originated in Amsterdam consists of caramel smashed between 2 thin waffles. It was an iconic snack for United passengers for about two and a half years. That came to an end this past June when United suddenly let flyers know they were no longer offering Stroopwafel's and instead had a cookie alternative. Blasphemy!

Soon after United announced they were no longer offering Stroopwafel's, passengers voiced their opinions and made it clear to United they were not happy. United listened and announced today that come January the Stroopwafel is back in the rotation! After a 6 month Stoopwafel hiatus, United announced via Twitter and Instagram today it will in fact be back. I for one always looked forward to having one of these on a morning flight and was delighted to hear the news. Isn't life all about the small things?

United Airlines Instagram Post - Stoopwafel Announcement


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