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United Airlines and CLEAR Partner Up

As of July 29th, United Airlines and CLEAR have partnered up, in a great way for United flyers that is. The new partnership is interesting to say the least in the fact that Delta has been a main partner for CLEAR for some time . The news came this past Monday July 29th, with United making a press release.

"Today, United Airlines announced a new partnership with CLEAR, the secure identity company that uses biometrics to build a frictionless and secure world, to deliver innovative experiences for customers from curb-to-gate and beyond. The partnership includes free or discounted CLEAR membership pricing for U.S.-based MileagePlus members."

In United's press release, Luc Bondar, VP of Loyalty and President of MileagePlus at united stated the following.

"Our new partnership with CLEAR is another proof point of how we are always looking to improve traveling with United, in this case by making the airport experience more convenient for customers. CLEAR's secure and seamless biometric security option creates an expedited travel experience that many of our frequent flyers already use and love. We're excited to partner with CLEAR to expand their presence at our hub airports and to provide all MileagePlus members with either free or deeply discounted memberships."

What made the press release even more exciting for me is was the mention of United supporting CLEAR's efforts with the City of Chicago in opening CLEAR lanes at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in the coming months. Score! Being located in Chicago, this made me very happy. For an aged airport that advertises things like American Express's Platinum card, however has no Centurion Lounge, this addition of CLEAR is a step in the right direction. I should also note that while I mention Chicago potentially getting CLEAR in the coming months, United is also supporting the initiative for lanes at it's other hubs in Houston and Newark later this summer.

For those unfamiliar with CLEAR, it's a service that can save you a great amount of time not only at specific airports, but entertainment venue as well across the U.S. What makes CLEAR even better is the fact that it doubles up with TSA PreCheck so you can take advantage of both services.

So how does CLEAR work?

CLEAR is a service that leverages your biometric data via your fingerprints and retina scanning. This ultimately provides you are who you say you are, and are deemed not be a threat. If you've been through airports like Orlando (MCO), Minneapolis (MSP), New York (JFK/LGA), Los Angeles (LAX), Las Vegas (LAS), and many others, you may have noticed a "CLEAR" area with agents standing around. They are there to guide you through not only a signup process but to also move you through the line quicker past the security checker.

Having clear means also not having to ever pull our your I.D. when going through security. Your biometrics already prove who you are, so that's one less things you have to pull out. While not always a huge advantage over the TSA PreCheck line, there are times I get through security much quicker. With more and more folks signing up for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, this gives you an edge.

What does this mean for United MilesPlus members?

At the current moment CLEAR membership goes for $179 a year. The new partnership however includes discounted or free CLEAR membership for select US-based MileagePlus members, discounts that are definitely worth noting.

  • Global Services & Premier 1K members will receive a complimentary CLEAR membership

  • Premier Platinum, Gold, and Silver members, as well as most United credit card members, will receive a discounted membership rate of $109

  • All other MileagePlus members will receive a discounted membership rate of $119

How does this compare to the Delta partnership?

For the Delta flyers out there, you may notice that this is pretty much in line with what is Delta is currently offering its SkyMiles members.

  • Diamond Medallion members receive a complimentary CLEAR membership

  • Platinum, Gold, and Silver members, as well as most Delta credit card members, will receive a discounted membership rate of $109

  • All other SkyMiles members will receive a discounted membership rate of $119

Bottom Line

At the end of the day this is all positive in my book, although I guess if you've been a Delta flyer with CLEAR, the lines may start to get just a bit busier. The minute I saw the announcement I went ahead and got my what was expired membership reinstated, and did so quickly I might add. Head over to the CLEAR site to take advantage of the new partnership, especially if you're a United Global Services of P1K member as it is absolutely free!


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