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United Airlines "Historic" Routes Revealed

What we now know about the "Historic" routes announcement made by United.

Earlier this week United made the decision to set up a last minute media call to reveal what they called a "Historic" Routes reveal. Since then we now know what was unveiled, and in short, it has a lot to do with flights from San Francisco (SFO).

It is no secret that SFO is a massive hub for United. There are also quite a few long haul flights that operate from San Francisco's International airport. The announcement revealed that United would be adding a variety of extra routes from San Francisco in 2019, which include the following:

  • Auckland and Tahiti (year-round, rather than seasonally)

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (daily)

  • Melbourne, Australia (3x weekly)

  • New Delhi, India (daily)

  • Seoul Incheon (for a second daily frequency)

  • Toronto, Canada (twice daily)

Want to visually see what that looks like? Take a look below. While I don't think this was the kind of "Historic" news most were hoping for, it does show United's decision to double down at their SFO hub. Most of the routes announced United already flies to and others were previously announced, such as the routes to Amsterdam. The only real new addition here is the flight to Delhi.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, while it is great that United announced a new route and more frequent flights throughout the year for others, I'm not jumping in excitement. While Delhi is a great addition, I think myself and others were really hoping for service to Africa. I guess We'll just have to hold tight on that one.

Below are details of the new routes that shows schedules and aircraft type.

Service that is now available year round


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