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Review: W Scottsdale

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

A new year celebration at a property that doesn't have that "New" feel...but hear me out.

This year I decided to spend the new year holiday in Scottsdale for a few days, specifically to spend NYE at the W Scottsdale. The few days leading up to NYE I spent at The Phoenician, a Marriott Luxury Collection property, as I have always wanted to stay there, but the stars never seemed to align. That being said, we'll leave The Phoenician review for another time.

What To Expect

Now for those of you who are not familiar with the Scottsdale area, there is a fairly large nightlife area locally called "The Horseshoe". Within "The Horseshoe" are a ton of bars, clubs, and restaurants, most of which are open very late and catering to those looking for a wild night on the town . Having been to some of these bars in the area, I can first hand let you know things can get wild in this area. To those living in Scottsdale, "The Horseshore" is known to all. This is important as the W Scottsdale sits on the cusp of "The Horseshoe" not only turning it into a great location if your looking to stay close to the nightlife, but also a potential issue if that isn't your cup of tea. As a fan of W Hotel's I knew what to expect, specifically this day and in this area. While all W Hotel's vary location to location, they do all share the common theme of being hip and active. Many W locations even turn their bars into high energy lounges in the evenings, one of my favorite being the W Montreal in Canada.

The Room

As a Marriott Platinum Elite member the hotel was very accommodating and upgraded me to one of their Spa Suites. Hardly a spa, but more of a spacious room with a tub in the middle. The first thing I noticed were the dings, scratches and wear marks throughout the room. From the furniture, to the shower, to the comforter, it is easily made clear the room takes a beating. My guess....being in "The Horseshoe" means folks getting a little rowdy before leaving for a night out....or when they return, and causing some of the damage.

W Hotel Scottsdale, Spa Suite

The room itself is spacious. It had a sliding door that led to a porch with some wicker furniture to sit on. The TV while it was a fairly good size was tilted. Tilted in a way you could not straighten as it was bent on its mount. I also found the cables dangling down from behind the TV a bit tacky. Having the cabling behind the wall looks cleaner and simply doesn't make the room look "cheap". There was a good deal of closet space with a good number of hangers making the space behind the bed functional.

The minibar was stocked with varying flavors of vodka's, some aloe, and the usual nuts and snacks. Nothing out of the ordinary here, and I thought having the Aloe available was a good move as it is easy to burn laying out in Arizona. If you are one to make coffee in your hotel room, the room comes with a Nespresso machine with 3 different coffee types to choose from.

The Bathroom

The bathroom layout involves you sleeping right next to the sink, shower and toilet. The layout does provide extra space and depending on your taste you may either love this, or hate it. I'm in the middle and can go either way. Next to the sink are the W Hotel's usual suspects, the Bliss amenities (body butter, soap, face wash). On the other side of the sink are $8 bottled waters (Lifewtr). They are however a larger size than your average bottle, so you have that going for you. Next to that is a toothbrush along with some no frills extras. Enough to get you by if you forgot to bring your own! Now the worst part, the sink! When turning on the tub in the middle of the room, the sink began to bubble up sewage which stunk up the room. Not something you want to smell any day of the week. I did call the front desk who informed me all of the hotel suites were in fact full for the evening and the only other room was a downgrade on another floor. After going to look at the replacement room which was substantially smaller, I decided to give maintenance a shot to remedy the issue. Maintenance came to fix the issue, only to have to come back an hour later. I will note that the maintenance staff were very polite which made the situation a bit better. After coming back a 2nd time to check the sink and complete the repair, he again apologized and also gave me 2 free drink tickets for the bar downstairs. While having a clogged sink bubble up sewage is never a good thing, the maintenance crew did a great job from a service level perspective.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day it comes down to what you are looking for when coming to Scottsdale. If you are looking to party and be engaged in the nightlife, the W Scottsdale may be for you. If on the other hand you are looking to relax, the nearby Phoenician property is probably your better of the 2 bets, when it comes to Marriott properties. I do have to say the service all around at the W Scottsdale was great. From the booking process and emailing the hotel in advance, to the front desk, all the way to the maintenance crew. You're bound to come across younger and louder customers on this property, especially during the weekend. While it was NYE, it would not be fair to judge the level of noise heard in the room however, as the party ended at 2am. The room on NYE was book with a reasonable 35,000 Marriott points, a far difference than the 60,000 Marriott points a night the neighboring Phoenician was requiring. Would I stay here again? Sure. Do I know I am not walking into a 5-start resort? Absolutely. At the end of the day if you are a fan of the W Hotel brand and looking for a hotel in a great location in Scottsdale, this might be your spot. Just know it's location to the Scottsdale nightlife brings in a rowdier crowd that can get a bit noisy and rooms haven't been updated in a bit leaving them with a not so "new" feel.

Marriott Points Used: 35k Points/night


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